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During the R&D period of I cell PRP Kit, we, I Cell as a PRP Manufacturer have examined the structures of all other PRP products and we have consulted to our medical doctors. Due to lack of knowledge and constitution of the other products, we have developed safe, effective, injectable, re-suspension featured and quality product along with our doctors’ qualified experiences.

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High quality & affordable price

You just feel the quality when you see the I-Cell PRP Kit. This product is prepared and equipped by every detail and manufactured for your safe and effective usage and certified by domestic and international quality certifications. For pricing info, do not hesitate to contact us.

Higher Concentration

I-Cell PRP Kit is Manufactured in order to provide you the safe and effective results featured with a re-suspension mechanism in order to achieve the homogenization of platelets in the plasma milieu. Due to correct centrifugation ratio intended by the manufacturer, the concentration of platelets can go up to 1.7 million/microliter. The tubes do not include gel or medicinal product which leads to no risk of allergies. I-Cell PRP Kit is certified with CE Class IIb and it can be used safe and effective from Plastic Surgery to Orthopedics and also oral and maxillofacial surgery applications.

Not just a Tube, but a real PRP Kit

As a PRP Kit Manufacturer, we are not talking about an IVD Tube, or imported products and packed in bags or boxes. We are talking about our tubes developed for the purpose of PRP applications along with other supportive equipment for safe, sterile and effective applications.


Here are the advantages

  • Virtually no platelet damage from centrifugation

  • Segmentation of PPP in separate syringe for topical use

  • No potential of contamination from separation gel

  • Threaded rod pushes yield into attached syringe for easy access and use

  • Easy to keep RBCs out of yield and extraction

  • No needle required to extract PRP – Total control of yield

  • Keeps the usable yield in its purest form

  • This keeps platelets in their original unimpaired state prior to being utilized

  • Allows physician to control the concentration of PRP used with patient

  • easy and fast Kit for preparation of PRP with the FDA approved anticoagulant ACDA



** Before using the PRP Tube please open the cap and move the hand of the kit down and up to move the ACD-A on the wall of tube.

** Put the needle and draw blood into I-Cell PRP tube until the blood rich the maximum tube volume.

** Remove the needle & Close the tube with the cap & Gently shake to mix then break the tube hand.

** Place the Tube in the centrifuge with counter weight. Spin for 8 minutes at 3000 RPM

** When centrifuge has come to a complete stop, carefully remove the tube.

** Remove cap and replace with the connector. Attach 5 cc syringe to the connector.

** Gently transfer the PPP into the 5-cc syringe by using the controller screw until RBC’s reach to PRP level mark.

** Attach 3 cc syringe to the clear connector. Transfer the remaining PRP and buffy coat into the syringe.

** STOP TRANSFER when you see droplets of RBC’s at the tip of the attached syringe.


** Store I-Cell PRP Kit at room temperature. Keep this product out of direct sunlight.

** Do not store in a humid environment.

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